I am afraid that the COVID-19 situation has made for many disappointed collegebound high school juniors and seniors.  My heart goes out to the seniors in particular as the spring of their senior year, for all intents and purposes, is being “cancelled”.  This would ordinarily be a time of anticipation and celebration and I’m afraid they are being robbed of some fond memories.

From a practical standpoint, many seniors are also being robbed of the opportunity to visit the colleges to which they have been accepted as most “accepted student days” have also been cancelled.  This means students are having to make the decision of which college to choose without the benefit of either re-visiting through the new lens of an accepted student or in some cases without having been able to visit the college at all if they were planning to visit after being accepted.  This can make a difficult decision an especially painful one.

If you know of a senior struggling with which college to choose, consider making an appointment to talk with me or some other qualified IEC about it.  We spend tons of time visiting college campuses across the country.  If you would like to know what makes college X different from college Y or if you want an opinion about whether or not you would like college XYZ, just ask me…chances are I’ve been there.