New ESSENTIALS ONLY Package Introduced

  • Need Help with College Admissions?

    College Consulting Services is offering a new, lower-priced college counseling package with just the right amount of guidance along the way. The college search and admissions process has gotten pretty complicated and we’ve learned that some families need guidance but don’t want an entire comprehensive package. We want to help you with the most critical aspects of your college search and keep you focused on the ultimate goal of finding a college at which you will be both happy and successful for all four years of your college experience. That means being at a college that is a good academic and social fit for you. That is where we come in. We will help strategize your search, give a reality check on your college list, and help you develop a plan for applying to college. We can also help with the critically important personal statement essay. Talk to us; we will make the process much less stressful for YOU.

    The Essentials Only Package includes:

    • Strategy Session I:
    1.5 hour in-person session to strategize the best approach to the college search for you. Understand what college admissions officers are looking for. Establish a testing plan. Get a reality check on your list of colleges. Save time by visiting appropriate colleges for YOU. Get answers to all of your questions. (This session is for student and parent(s).)

    • Essay Brainstorming Session:
    1 to 1.5 hour in-person brainstorming session to help you identify a topic to write about for your personal statement essay that will enhance your admission chances. Get inspired!

    • Essay editing:
    1 hour of essay editing to be used in as many drafts of your personal statement essay as you want. We will help make sure that your essay is effective, revealing and interesting.

    • Strategy Session II:
    1.5 hour in-person session to strategize your application process. We will help you organize your application details (including: at which colleges should I interview? which test scores should I submit? etc.), create a timeline and make sure that your “apply-to” list has the appropriate number of colleges in each category. (This session is for student and parent(s).)

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