“Super Scores”

  • Lately I have had several people ask for clarification on reporting standardized test scores and how colleges use them.  People ask, “Can we submit ‘superscores’?”  A superscore is the unofficial name given to the collection of the best scores an individual has received on any given subsection of a test, regardless of the date that particular section was taken (in other words combining the different sittings into one “best” score).  I think what makes this concept confusing is that some times it is used and some times it is not.  For example, the Common Application asks the student to report her highest score in each section (even if they are from different test dates: a “superscore”).  And yet the CollegeBoard, when asked to send a score report on behalf of that student to her colleges, will send the scores by date (not a “superscore”).  Rest assured that the student should submit the best score for each subsection and it is the college’s responsibility to verify that these are indeed accurate by comparing to the score report they receive from the testing company.  It would be less confusing if they (the Common App and the testing companies) handled the scores in the same manner but the good news is that it is in the student’s best interest to be able to submit her highest scores.

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