Activities in High School

  • I am often asked by parents what activities colleges like to see students participate in while in high school.  I am always taken aback by this question.  We shouldn’t be pushing our students to participate in activities that colleges are looking for.  We should be encouraging students to participate in activities that they truly enjoy!  That way, we can be sure that they will want to stick with it.  “Sticking with” something demonstrates that they have a passion for something.  Demonstrating passion does indeed make sense.

    College admission folks are charged with several goals and one of them is to help ensure that their college campus is an interesting and dynamic place to be.  How does one do that?  Invite people to attend that are sure to get involved in activities on campus.  Who is likely to get involved in something on campus?  Somebody with a passion for whatever it is they do.  Here is where the pay off comes for sticking with what you enjoy.

    So, don’t worry about whether a college is more impressed by a field hockey player or a flute player.  The activity does not matter.  What does matter is how much enjoyment there is.  If the activity is enjoyable it will stick and that is what matters most.

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